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Essays and Reports, Vol. 2, 1966

  • What in the World? Presidential Address
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • New Light on Passavant and His Era
    Robert H. Fischer
  • Diversified Responsibilities: Common Goals
    W. Kaye Lamb
  • Some Legal Implications on the Use of Historical Manuscripts
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • Frederick H. Knubel: Advocate of Sound Ecumenical Principles
    Dorris A. Flesner
  • Canadian Lutheranism -- Unique?
    Wolf H. Heick
  • Canadian Laws with Respect to Historical Documents and Records
    James Breithaupt
  • Baptismal Records and Legal Aspects of Their Use
    Helen M. Knubel
  • Lutheran Archives, Scholars and Library Automation
    Keltah T. Narbut

Essays and Reports, Vol. 3, 1968

  • Introduction to the First Lutheran Historiographical Consultation in America
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • American Lutheran Historiography
    Erich Heintzen
  • Thoughts on American Lutheran Historiography
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • Our Libraries and Historical Research
    Joel W. Lundeen
  • Publishing Church History -- Problems and Prospects
    Helmut Lehman
  • History on the Hoof
    A. R. Kretzmann
  • Lutherans in the Secular City
    Roy A. Suelflow
  • Sources and Narratives
    Willard Allbeck
  • Out of the Dust Bins
    Helen Knubel

Essays and Reports, Vol. 4, 1970

  • The Concept of Baptism among Colonial Pennsylvania German Lutheran and Reformed Church People
    Frederick S. Weiser
  • The American General Synod and World Lutheranism: Some Vignettes on the Occasion of the General Synod's 150th Anniversary
    E. Theodore Bachmann
  • The Conciliar Spirit in Lutheranism
    John A. Constable
  • Henry Eyster Jacobs as Church Historian
    Abdel Ross Wentz

Essays and Reports, Vol. 5, 1972

  • The Centennial of Danish Lutheranism in America
    Enok Mortensen
  • History in Theological Education
    William Weiblen
  • The Confessional Principles of the General Council, the General Synod, and the United Synod of the South in Seeking Lutheran Unity
    Joseph L. Anderson
  • Lutheran Confessionalism in the Early Synodical Conference
    Roy A. Suelflow
  • Wilhelm Loehe and Liturgical Renewal
    James L. Schaaf
  • Historiography and Lutheran Biography
    Eugene L. Fevold
  • Notes on the History of the Synodical Conference
    Carl S. Meyer
  • The Keepers of the Flame
    Bernard J. Holm

Essays and Reports, Vol. 6, 1974

  • Christian Streit, Revolutionary War Chaplain
    Alton R. Koenning
  • John Bachman: An Historical Vignette
    Raymond M. Bost
  • A Jacobs Trilogy
    Henry Eyster Horn
  • Dr. Abdel Ross Wentz: American Lutheran Champion of Ecumenism
    Dorris A. Flesner
  • Wisconsin's TheologicalConfessional History Viewed Especially in the Light of Its Fellowship Principles and Practices
    E. C. Fredrich
  • Capital University: 125 Years
    David B. Owens
  • Theological and Higher Education at Springfield, Illinois
    Lorman M. Petersen
  • Establishing a MultiMedia Center
    Alfred & Velma Buls

Essays and Reports, Vol. 7, 1976

  • Who Was John Hanson?
    Alan C. Freed
  • Gettysburg, Seminary -- 150 Years
    J. Russell Hale
  • The American Revolution in Henry Melchior Muhlenberg's Experience
    Helmut T. Lehman
  • A Bicentennial Look at American Ideology
    Oliver K. Olson
  • Bodo Otto: Revolutionary Surgeon and Lutheran
    David L. Scheidt
  • Researching (Lutheran) Synodical Histories
    Roy A. Suelflow
  • A Bicentennial Call to Action
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • The United Empire Loyalists and Immigration to Canada
    Norman J. Threinen
  • Vignettes of the John Conrad Weiser Family
    Frederick S. Weiser
  • Biographical Resources
    Jane Wilde
  • Lutheran Music in Colonial America
    Edward C. Wolf
  • How Do I Research Congregational Records
    Walter C. Daib
  • Possible Models for a Lutheran Biographical Dictionary
    Eugene L. Fevold
  • On Preparing an Annotated Bibliography of Colonial Lutheranism
    W. Richard Fritz
  • Oral History
    Alice Kendrick
  • Historiographical Ideas
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • Computer History
    Robert C. Wiederaenders

Essays and Reports, Vol. 8, 1978

  • G. D. Bernheim, Historiographer of Southern Lutheranism
    William R. Fritz
  • Georg Sverdrup: A Theologian “in League with the Future”
    James S. Hamre
  • The Confluences of Our Conference
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • Franz August Otto Pieper: Orthodoxist or Confessionalist?
    Roy A. Suelflow
  • Paul Henkel, Pioneer Lutheran Missionary
    Richard H. Baur
  • The Galesburg Rule: Occasion for Theological Conflict and Clarification in Nineteenth Century American Lutheranism
    Donald L. Huber
  • Wartburg Seminary through 125 Years
    Robert C. Wiederaenders
  • Questions on Research
    James Albers
  • Developing a Publicational Program
    Edward C. Fredrich
  • Workshop on a Proposed Commission on the Development of Resources
    Donald L. Huber

Essays and Reports, Vol. 9, 1980

  • One Hundred and Fifty Years of Theological Education in Ohio: Hamma, ELTS, Trinity, 1830-1980
    Donald L. Huber
  • The Beginning of Lutheran Theological Education in Illinois: Illinois State University
    Dorris A. Flesner
  • Immigrant Lutheran Theological Education in Nineteenth Century America
    Christa Ressmeyer Klein
  • A Seminary for Lutherans in the South
    Raymond Morris Bost
  • A Question of Earnestness: American Lutheran Missions and Theological Education in Alabama's “Black Belt”
    Milton C. Sernett
  • Matthias Loy: Theological Educator
    Charles George Fry
  • Perspectives on the History of Women in the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod during the Nineteenth Century
    James W. Albers

Essays and Reports, Vol. 10, 1982

  • Colonial Lutherans in a Pluralistic Culture
    Charles H. Glatfelter
  • Lutheran Abolitionism in New York State: A Problem in Historical Explication
    Milton C. Sernett
  • Lutheran Schools in America
    Jon Diefenthaler
  • American Catholicism and American Lutheranism: Toward a Comparative Perspective
    Mel Piehl
  • Luther in Modern Times, Luther in America, Reformation History since Philip Schaff
    Lewis W. Spitz
  • Lutheran Adjustments to a Pluralistic Society: A Study of Lutheran Students at Harvard
    Henry E. Horn
  • Lutherans and the New Deal: The Missouri Synod as a Case Study
    Dean Kohlhoff
  • Roman Catholic and Lutheran Fraternal Insurance Societies: Responses to Ethnic and Religious Pluralism
    James W. Albers
  • Lutheran Confessionalism
    Donald L. Huber
  • Confessional Subscription
    Aug. R. Suelflow
  • Regional Repositories
    Robert C. Wiederaenders
  • The Role of the Regional Repository
    Milton Nesvig
  • Archives and Records Management in the New Lutheran Church
    John E. Peterson
  • The Role of a Regional Repository in American Lutheranism
    Aug. R. Suelflow

Essays and Reports, Vol. 11, 1984

  • Contributions of the Swedes to Lutheranism in the Upper Midwest
    Emeroy Johnson
  • German Lutherans in Minnesota: Glimpses into the Americanization of a City Parish, 1890-1940
    Paul Marschke
  • HAL -- The Automated Librarian or How the Computer Has Taken over the Library
    Norman G. Wente
  • The Beginnings of English Lutheranism in the Upper Midwest
    Dorris A. Flesner
  • Foundations of the Missouri System of Higher Education
    Richard Solberg
  • The Development of NorwegianAmerican Lutheranism in the Upper Midwest
    Eugene L. Fevold
  • Living History Recalled with Sight and Sound
    Alice M. Kendrick
  • Computerizing Our Bibliography
    Duncan Brockway

Essays and Reports, Vol. 12, 1986
“Lutherans on the Pacific Rim”

  • Lutheranism in the Pacific Perimeter
    E. Theodore Bachmann
  • The Pioneer Lutheran Pastor in Russian Alaska -- Uno Cygnaeus
    Toivo Harjunpaa
  • WELS Mission Enterprises among the Apaches
    Edward Fredrich
  • The Lutheran and the American West: Frontier, Destiny, Plurality and Identity
    Todd Nichol
  • Lutheran Educational Institutions on the West Coast
    Philip Nordquist
  • Jacob M. Buehler, West Coast Pioneer
    Karl Wyneken
  • Panel Discussion: Teaching Lutheran History
    James Albers, Ray F. Kibler, Christa Klein, John Wohlrabe Jr.

Essays and Reports, Vol. 13, 1988
“American Lutheranism: Crisis in Historical Consciousness?”

  • “A Southeastern District Scrapbook, 1939-1989: In Pursuit of God's Mission” -- A Case Study in Popular Lutheran Historical Education
    Jon Diefenthaler
  • Sunday in Indiana Lutheran Churches
    Edwin L. Becker
  • John Gottlieb Morris and Nineteenth Century Lutheran Historical Consciousness
    Michael J. Kurtz
  • American Lutheran Historiography: A Regionalist Approach
    Richard W. Dishno
  • A ThreeLens Approach to American Lutheran History: Considerations of Gender, Ethnicity and Congregation
    L. De Ane Lagerquist
  • History: Drudgery or Fun?
    Theodore J. Kleinhans
  • Indiana Lutherans at the Nineteenth Century Crossroads
    Rudolph F. Rehmer
  • Hannover Influence in Ohio Lutheranism
    Louis Voigt
  • Panel: Historical Self-Consciousness within American Denominations
    Christa Klein
  • American Lutheran Studies: A Career as Historian to 1948
    E. Theodore Bachmann
  • American Presbyterians: The State of Historical Self-Consciousness
    James H. Smylie
  • The Roman Catholic Church in the United States: The State of Historical Study
    James Hennesey
  • A Baptist Response
    Winthrop Hudson
  • Historical Studies in the Southern Baptist Convention
    Bill Leonard
  • Historical Study in Methodism
    Frederick A. Norwood
  • Mennonite Historical Studies
    Albert N. Keim

Essays and Reports, Vol. 14, 1990
“Lutheranism and Pietism”

  • The Piety of the Orthodox in 17th Century Postille Literature
    Craig J. Westendorf
  • Erik Ludvigsen Pontoppidan and the American Influence of His Catechism
    James B. Olson
  • Henry Melchior Muhlenberg's Relation to the Ongoing Pietist Tradition
    Robert F. Scholz
  • John George Schmucker and the Roots of His Spirituality
    James Lawton Haney
  • Theological Authority in S. S. Schmucker and C. Porterfield Krauth
    Verlyn O. Smith
  • Purity of Heart and Altar: Understandings of the Sacrament of the Altar in S. S. Schmucker and C. P. Krauth
    Gilson A. C. Waldkoenig
  • Samuel Sprecher as Theologian and Churchman
    Ray F. Kibler III
  • Panel Discussion: “Pietism at the Turn into the Twenty-first Century”
    Frederick K. Wentz, James W. Albers, Christa Klein
  • Forum: “The State of American Lutheran History in American Lutheran Theological Education”
    Christa Klein, Richard W. Dishno, James W. Albers
  • Gettysburg Seminary and College during the Battle of Gettysburg
    Charles H. Glatfelter
  • Forum: “Archival Developments”
    Elisabeth Wittman, Aug. R. Suelflow, Norman Threinen

Essays and Reports, Vol. 15, 1992
“Missionary to America: The History of Lutheran Outreach to Americans”

  • “Ecclesia Plantanda”: The Uncertain Muhlenberg Legacy and the New York Experience
    Robert F.Scholz
  • With Muhlenberg in New Jersey
    E. Theodore Bachmann
  • O Muhlenberg
    E. Theodore Bachmann
  • Interest in the Western Field: Two Approaches to Mission Work in 19th Century Indiana
    Lawrence Rast Jr.
  • Paul August Baumgart
    James L. Schaaf
  • Wyneken and 19th Century German Lutheranism
    Norman J. Threinen
  • A Confessional Lutheran Encounters American Religion: The Case of Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken
    David A. Gustafson
  • The Spirituality of Lutheran Women's Missionary Societies, 1880-1930
    Betty A. DeBerg
  • The Major Events in the Evangelizing of Black People within the Lutheran Church in the New World
    Jeff Johnson
  • “A Spiritual Wayside Inn”: Urban Missionary Work in the New South, 1900-1920
    Susan Wilds McArver
  • The Impact of Wyneken's Notruf
    Rudolph F. Rehmer
  • From Poland to Scranton: Sattelmeier and His Mission to Polish Immigrants
    Robert W. DeLong
  • Chicago's Place in 19th Century American Lutheranism
    Richard Dishno
  • The Beginning of the LHC
    Robert C. Wiederaenders
  • Swedish-American Lutherans and Mission
    Mark A. Grandquist
  • The History of WELS Home Missions
    Robert C. Hartman
  • Quodlibet: Fiche or CD-ROM?
    John N. Dickmeyer
  • Toward a Comprehensive Bibliography of Lutheranism in America
    Robert E. Smith

Essays and Reports, Vol. 16, 1994
“Lutheranism ... with a Southern Accent”

  • The Henkels: A Family and a Church through Six Decades and More
    L. DeAne Lagerquist
  • Diary of Paul Henkel, 1802 and 1803
    Richard H. Baur
  • Rye Bread and Limburger Cheese: Clues to North Carolina German Heritage
    Carolyn Hoover Sung
  • A Southern Lutheran Trinity: Farm, Family and Faith in Old Lincoln County, North Carolina, 1789-1889
    Gary Richard Freeze
  • Jacob Stirewalt and the Doctrine of Ministry
    Robert M. Calhoon
  • Cultivating the Holy Religion of Jesus: The Ministry and Ministries according to David Henkel and the Tennessee Synod
    Lawrence R. Rast Jr.
  • Schmucker's Benevolence, from Republican Ideals to Civil War Realities
    Nancy Koester
  • Ante-Bellum Lutheranism in the Black Belt: John P. Margart, 1816 to 1900
    W. Richard Fritz
  • Abolition and Confessionalism in “Our Southern Zion”: The Civil War and Southern Lutheran Identity
    Russell C. Kleckley
  • Southern Lutherans and the Common Service
    Mark W. Oldenburg
  • “Earnest Women” and “Manly Christians”: The Rise of the Lay Auxiliaries in the United Synod in the South, 1886-1918
    Susan Wilds McArver
  • Some Southerners in the Formation of the ULCA
    E. Theodore Bachmann
  • A Minority within a Minority: Scandinavian Lutheans in the Southeast
    Mark A. Granquist
  • Contemporary Lutheranism in the South
    Carl F. W. Ficken

Essays and Reports, Vol. 17, 1996
“Interpreting Lutheran History”

  • J.H.C. Helmuth: An Interpretation of Lutheranism in the Early Republic
    A. Gregg Roeber
  • Lutheran Hymnals in America: God’s Song in a New Land
    Carl Schalk
  • Walther and His Perception of Other Lutherans
    August R. Suelflow
  • Charles Porterfield Krauth’s Concept of Pulpit and Altar Fellowship: A Challenge to Lutheran Disunity
    David Gustafson
  • “Distinguish the Times, and the Scriptures Will Harmonize”: History, Science and Chiliasm according to Gustav Seyffarth and Joseph Seiss
    Russell Kleckley
  • August Weenaas: A Seminary President among Norwegian Immigrants Interprets the Nineteenth Century American Lutheran Scene
    James Hamre
  • Recent Trends in Denominational Historiography and Implications for American Lutheran Scholars
    Susan McArver
  • Historiography and Uses of History in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
    Mary Todd
  • J.H.W. Stuckenberg and Lutheranism in America
    Mark Granquist
  • Lutheranism in the Twenties: Youthful Perspectives
    Jon Pahl
  • American Lutheran Opinion Makers and the Crisis of German Protestantism under Hitler
    Ronald Webster

Essays and Reports, Vol. 18, 1998
"Eastern Lutheranism and the National Church—Influence and Foil"

  • Church Relations in Colonial Albany, New York: A Lutheran Perspective
    Peter R. Christoph
  • A Look at H. M. Muhlenberg, the Pennsylvania Ministerium and the Development of Lutheranism in the Northeast
    George E. Handley
  • Built on a Fracture: Conflict in Swedish Lutheran Congregations
    Maria Erling
  • Missouri in the Northeast: Hostile Outpost or Cutting Edge
    Marvin A.Huggins
  • Notes on the Influence of Edwardsean Millennialism in Early American Lutheranism: The Case of John C. Kunze
    Mark N. Wilhelm
  • Lutheran Revivalism in Upstate New York: A New Perspective
    Jeffrey P. Hering
  • Lutherans, Antinomians and the Pastoral Office in Early North America
    A.G. Roeber
  • The Priesthood of Baptized Believers and the Office of the Ministry in Eastern Lutheranism from Muhlenberg's Day to Ours
    John Reumann
  • A Beautiful and Right Praxis: The Ecclesiology of the Common Service
    Michael G. L. Church
  • The General Synod's 'Reception' of the Common Service
    Mark Oldenburg
  • My Fair Chasuble: Eastern Lutheran Influence upon the Liturgy
    Jeffrey Zetto
  • Passavant in the Northeast
    Robert H. Fischer
  • The Founding and Early Development of the Wartburg Orphans' Farm School in Its Ecclesial Setting
    Glenn C. Stone
  • Seafarers and International House: An Evolution of Service
    Barbara Kortrey
  • Archivists and Historians: Toward a More Productive Partnership
    Paul A. Daniels
  • The Knubel Archives of Cooperative Lutheranism
    Ellen D. Swain
  • Students Among the Archives: A Case Study
    Susan Wilds McArver
  • 'In the News': Lutheranism and the Lutheran News Bureau
    Charles Austin
  • One Foot in Show Business: Lutheran Films 1952-1987
    Robert E. A. Lee
  • The New York Role in the Missouri War
    John R. Hannah
  • Lutherans and Ecumenism: The General Synod Tradition into the Twenty-First Century
    Frederick K. Wentz
  • Conrad Bergendoff and Eastern Lutheranism
    Mark Granquist

Essays and Reports, Vol. 19, 2000
"Lutherans in America—A Twentieth Century Retrospective"

  • Preface
    Mary Todd
  • Seeking Fruitfulness — Elsie Singmaster Lewars: Victorian Women in Ministry
    Susan Hill
  • Justifiable War or an Offense to the Conscience? Lutheran Responses to the Vietnam War, 1964–1975
    David E. Settje
  • Being Good Amricans and Better Lutherans: Synodical Conference Lutherans and the Military Chaplaincy
    Mark Braun
  • Wauwatosa Titan: The Life, Contributions and Lasting Legacy of John Philipp Koehler
    Joel L. Pless
  • "A Beam of Light" — The Controversy Surrounding Andrew Schulze's My Neighbor of Another Color
    Kathryn Galchutt
  • Byron Nelson and American Lutheran Attitudes toward Evolution
    Mark Granquist
  • "Tossed Headlong into Deep Waters" — Stewart Winfield Herman Jr.
    Stephen Herr and Matthew Riegel
  • The Lutheran Historical Enterprise in the Twentieth Century
    James W. Albers
  • Ecumenical and Global Concerns of the LHC
    David L. Lindberg

Essays and Reports, Vol. 20, 2002
Re-examining Conflict and Cooperation: Implications for Current Understandings of American Lutheranism

  • Preface
    Susan W. McArver
  • The Ecumenical Ministry of Robert J. Miller (1758-1834)
    William P. McDonald
  • "Why Did He Do It?" S. S. Schmucker and the Definite Platform
    Cheryl M. Peterson
  • Learning to See, Learning to Answer: Women and Lutheran Higher Education
    L. DeAne Lagerquist
  • The Contest for the West: Conflict and Cooperation between the General Synod and the General Council in Home Mission Efforts on the Pacific Coast
    Richard O. Johnson
  • The Protes'tant Controversy and Its Impact
    Mark Braun
  • Robert E. Lee nd a Battle for Atlanta: A Lutheran Pastor Advances Civil Rights
    Carl Ficken
  • The Lutheran Left
    Maria Erling
  • Lutherans, Gender and Foreign Policy
    David E. Settje
  • Documenting the Edge
    Paul Daniels

Essays and Reports, Vol. 21, 2004
Anglicans and Lutherans: The New World Experience of Two Old World Traditions

  • Preface
    Mary Todd
  • What Has Canterbury to Do with Wittenberg?
    Donald S. Armentrout
  • From Meissen to Porvoo and Beyond
    John Arnold
  • Called to Common Mission -- But to Where?
    Lois E.C. Boxill
  • The Ecumenical Agenda of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
    Edward Callahan
  • Rose Among the Thorns: Colonial Swedes and Anglicans on the Delaware
    Kim-Eric Williams
  • Old World Customs and New World Traditions: Anglicans, Native Americans and Conflicting Perceptions of Homosexuality
    Sarah H. Hill
  • The Rage of Caliban: The Common Service, the Book of Common Prayer and the Gothic Revivial
    Michael Church
  • People, the Book and the Books
    David J. Wartluft
  • Changing Times from New York to Missouri: The Liturgy of the Hours in Early American Lutheranism
    Daniel Grimminger
  • Being Lutheran in Public: Contributing to Social Capital in the Midwest
    L. DeAne Lagerquist
  • Building an Episcopal Church in a Lutheran Town: Women and the Founding of St. John's Episcopal Church, Mt. Prospect
    Joan R. Gunderson
  • Lutherans in Harlem
    Kathryn M. Galchutt
  • In Christ There Is No Gay or Straight? Homosexuality and the Episcopal Church
    Harvey Hill and Jennifer Watson
  • Robert H. Gardiner and the Reunification of Worldwide Christianity in the Progressive Era
    John F. Woolverton
  • A Bridge to the Old World: Archbishop Temple's American Ecumenism
    Wendy Dackson
  • Lutherans and Anglican-Episcopal Conformity, 1565-1957
    Richard B. Baumann
  • Swedish-American Episcopalians and Lutheran-Episcopalian Relations in North American, 1850-1935
    Mark Granquist
  • "Almost Too Euphoric": Episcopal-Lutheran Dialogues I and II
    Ray F. Kibler III
  • We Too Have Common Sense: The Waterloo Declaration and Full Communion in Canada
    Richard Geoffrey Leggett

Essays and Reports, Vol. 22, 2006
Lutheran Identity and Regional Distinctiveness

  • Preface
    Russell C. Kleckley
  • German Lutheran Identity in Eastern Pennsylvania and the First Chorale Book
    Daniel J. Grimminger
  • Lutherans in Brooklyn
    Kathryn M. Galchutt
  • The Merger of the Gettysburg Seminary in Abdel Ross Wentz's Day (1916-1966)
    Frederick K. Wentz
  • Lutheran Salzburgers and Muslim African Moors
    Michael D. Gutzler
  • Evangelical Directions in American Lutheranism: A First Look
    James Burkee
  • In a Region of Their Own: Scholarly Refugees from American Lutheranism
    Mark Granquist
  • "All Is under the Direction of His Wisdom": John Bachman and Southeastern Lutheranism in the Antebellum Era
    Susan Wilds McArver
  • Augsburg Confession War: Lutheran Confessional Beliefs, Rev. David Henkel, and Creation of the Tennessee Synod
    Robert C. Carpenter
  • Teaching the Pure Gospel: The Missionary Work of Rosa Jinsey Young
    Julieanna Frost
  • An Analysis of the Changing View of the Relationship of Doctrine and Liturgy within the WELS or The Black Geneva Piety of the Wisconsin Synod
    Mark Braun
  • Texas Lutheran President Carl Weeber: Denied His Promised Land
    Luther Oelke
  • "A Most Difficult Office": Establishing Lutheran Congregations in Early San Francisco
    Richard O. Johnson

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