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A Bibliography of Writings on Lutheranism in America

The Lutheran Historical Conference is in the process of compiling a bibliography of writings dealing with Lutheranism in America. The bibliography is compiled and published annually in the LHC's newsletter. We are now making available the entire bibliography with this site.

The writings are indexed by the year of publication:

We urge our members to help us make these annual bibliographies complete. Please report any work you or others at your institution do in the field of American Lutheran history. Any significant item is a welcome addition to our work. We also would like for you to watch non-Lutheran and non-theological journals for scholarship of interest to our conference. As powerful as our research tools are, no database or publication is comprehensive, even when taken together with other tools. You can help by:

  1. Keeping an eye on the work done at your institution.
    Most schools of theology do not offer their dissertations, much less D.Min. projects and S.T.M. theses, through University Microfilms or TREN. Some of these we can discover through the ATLA religion databases, but many still escape our grasp. If someone at your school writes a Master's Thesis or Dissertation in the field of American Lutheran history, let Jim Albers or Bob Smith know.
  2. Don't Be Modest.
    If you or a colleague at your institution publishes a book or article, translates a primary source or produces a significant piece in unpublished form, contact us. Especially if the work is not in one of our regularly indexed periodicals, let us know. It may well be that we will never hear about it and be able to share it with our members.
  3. Watch Non-Lutheran Publications.
    We find it most difficult to locate items not included in Lutheran publications. State historical society journals, history pamphlets, district, synod or church body publications are often not seen by us. Foreign language sources are not regularly checked. If you discover a gem in one of these media, let us know.

You may submit any suggested inclusions to:

Rev. Robert E. Smith
Concordia Theological Seminary
6600 N. Clinton St.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46825
Phone: (219) 452-2123
FAX: (219) 452-2126
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